Lot 256
Kryštof Hošek (1984) ADAM AND EVE

276 cm (h)

550 000 CZK
   |   22 000 EUR
nach auktion verkauft

The sculptural group of two pices is a symbolic reference to the beginning of man and humanity as such, when man, with his consciousness and reason, separated himself from the realm of animals. In an effort to create rules that would lead to a better life for individuals in the community, man became a victim of his own desire, ego, and will to power. Gradually, the basic values of society began to be completely ignored. At present, the concept of truth is also relativized, often the individual no longer has the opportunity to find out what is true and what is false. One unknowingly becomes just a walking tool of the "Heidegger's Gestell," a system that has taken away one's own identity. Kryštof Hošek is one of the most prominent authors of the younger middle generation. He focuses primarily on sculpture, or classical, especially figural sculpture, a number of sculptures are designed for public space.