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Hugo Boettinger (1880 - 1934) IN THE CASINO

um 1907
84 x 106 cm (h x b)

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Hugo Boettinger was among the multi-talented artists. He created cartoons, graphics, puppets, illustrations and also painted. The scene in the casino is a beautiful example of art nouveau style. Hugo Boettinger mastered subtle color toning and was able to capture an authentic expression that reflected the mood of the subjects and the general atmosphere of the place. Boettinger also published cartoons at the AVU in Prague under the pseudonym Dr. Desiderius and collaborated with, among others, the magazines Šibeničky, Volné směry and Lidový noviny. In later years, he tried to capture dance or sports movement in his works. Although he enjoyed considerable popularity during his lifetime, both as a caricaturist - a joker and a brilliant painter, today his versatility is still being discovered in many ways.

Exhibited at the Paris Salon in 1910.