Lot 08

72 x 97 cm (h x w)

Starting price
120 000 CZK
   |   4 800 €
Price realized
150 000 CZK
   |   6 000 €
price without premium
The painting is an example of the Baroque perception of life and death, transience and eternity, but at the same time it is a well-executed cabinet still life. The artist attempts to push the reminder of death into the background, bringing a lute, dominant in terms of both size and color, to the foreground. Around it, however, the artist masterfully, seemingly randomly scattered decorative attributes alluding to the transience of the beauty of this world, music, love, jewels, and knowledge. In the background, but also reflected in the mirror, the artist arranged a skull, clock and a burning candlewick. Oil on canvas, unmarked.