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167 cm (h)

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850 000 CZK
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Close helmet, two-piece visor. When the joust started and the knight attacked with his lance, his visor was closed; but when the battle moved on to swords, the knight opened the upper part of his helmet and his face was covered by the lower part of the visor. The vents cut into the visor provided sufficient air to the knight. Crest for holding a plume in the rear section of the helmet. The shoulders are covered by a bevor with pauldrons, which feature pivots for attaching articulated plate gauntlets. The front cuirass has armholes and a protective lame with a lance rest. The left pauldron is expanded and reinforced against lance blows, while the elbow is strengthened and the gauntlet is formed into a fist. The removable lame cuisses cover the entire thigh. Full metal sabatons with closed calf. Marked on the shoulder with the control mark (pine cone) of the city of Augsburg. Exhibited at: The Cold Beauty of Plate Armor at Bítov Castle; The Rosenbergs and their Journey through History at Waldstein Riding Hall, Prague 2011.