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Albín Brunovský (1935 - 1997) GARDEN

180,5 x 275 cm (h x b)

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Albín Brunovský experimented with a large number of techniques. He also taught and created illustrations mainly for children's books. Albín Brunovský's illustrations, however, have a rather unique artistic impression and are not tightly bound to the original text. He gradually transferred his brilliantly seasoned ballad work to illustrations of literature for adults, the closest Trnava group of poets was among the authors, and he projected poetry into free work. Poetry and music set off subtle vibrations in his canvases, which gradually began to grow and create various shapes. Albín Brunovský loved nature, and the forest or garden transformed before his eyes into alien, surrealistic compositions. But he professed a more methodical rationalist approach, which was in conflict with the principles of surrealism. He often used the details of nature that he photographed in his work, because he admired and respected the perfection created by nature. He thus laid the foundations of Slovak fantasy realism, which outgrew the borders of Czechoslovakia. He raised an exceptionally high-quality generation of artists, whom he helped to exhibit abroad during the totalitarian era. He dreamed of distant lands, and in this respect he was greatly enriched by a visit to Italy. His meticulousness in graphics, when he usually started with the most historically complicated methods, was also transferred to painting, where he literally filled the pictures from edge to edge, so that the entire garden of his imagination was carefully provided for. The gardens have a monumental to cinematic character, they are very captivating with the number of layers and the depth of detail. The Landscape painting is the largest painting by Albín Brunovský to date.