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Běla Kolářová (1923 - 2010) LADIES AND THE CHARM OF THE UNIFORM

106,5 x 89 cm (h x b)

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Běla Kolářová worked on artistic experiments in parallel with her husband Jiří Kolář. At first she worked with photographic methods and during the 1960s she began to arrange photographs of objects and small objects into geometric grids. The work Ladies and the Charm of the Uniform is exceptional in its format, but also in the transition from strict geometry to "looseness", which is seen in the work above the chessboard with the use of hairpins and badges. In 1979 the Kolářs emigrated to Berlin and then to Paris. Title of the work in pencil lower right: "LADIES AND THE CHARM OF THE UNIFORM" and verso on the label with the artist's address.