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Libor Vojkůvka (1947 - 2018) THE CAT GAME

85,5 x 119 cm (h x b)

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Libor Vojkůvka was attached to nature all his life, he originally trained as a gardener and taught himself painting and drawing. He diligently studied professional and restoration books, where he drew on knowledge of the techniques of the old masters. This was very evident in his work process, when he carefully laid out the work and worked very slowly, carefully and in detail, and by layering individual glazes he created the volumes of the depicted world. At the end of 1979, the first collective exhibition of his paintings took place in the Regional Museum of National History in Olomouc, the same exhibition two years later in the Prague Literature Memorial. In the second half of the 1970s, he created a related composition with two lions fighting to the death. The slightly sharpened catting of the two lionesses in The Cat's Game was originally a wedding gift to the newlyweds.