Lot 219
Vladimír Komárek (1928 - 2002) MAY

31 x 31 x 0,7 cm (h x b x t)

12 000 CZK
   |   490 EUR

A poem by Karel Hynek Mácha decorated by Vladimír Komárek. Vladimír Komárek decorated all with drypoint prints, all signed, printed by Jan Mauler. 1 sheet, 38 pages, 3 sheets, including graphics, numbered text pages only. Graphic leaves overlaid with red japanes paper. He published the Memorial of National Literature and the Association of Czech Bibliophiles in Prague in 170 copies. Tisk, n.p., Brno, printed on handmade paper from Velké Losiny in Venezian style in 1981. The title page states 1980. Loose uncut sheets in original cardboard plates with flaps. Stock specimen.