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Adriena Šimotová (1926 - 2014) TOUCH

12,5 x 31,5 cm (h x b)

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The year 1982 represents immediate contact in the work of Adriena Šimotová. There were several touches - moments when she imprinted her hands directly into the cannons. Touch is contact, touch is the most basic knowledge of the world, touch is an imaginary border - this is my space and that is yours. She also processed the support paper on which the work appears by touch - by squeezing, which is a haptic trace of individual touches. The presented composition is very sophisticated in its minimalist form. Just as a book opens and closes, hands also open and close. The work is thus non-linear, interacting and telling the story of the movement of the gesture. A gesture that is both a silent contemplation and an expression of the relationship between me and you.