Lot 58
Otakar Kubín (1883 - 1969) BETWEEN SUNFLOWERS

70,5 x 56 cm (h x w)

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750 000 CZK
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2 200 000 CZK
   |   88 000 €
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This portrait of an unknown older man in a hat is an exceptional example of Kubín's early work, which exhibits the evident influence of Impressionism while also moving towards Expressionism. Impressionist-style broken color and modulation is clear in the lighter areas of the coat and hat, while Expressionist tendencies are clear in the dark surfaces of the man's attire, the shaping of the background, and the thick impasto painting style. One can see a certain similarity in his Portrait of Dr. Snětina (1908) and Portrait of Bohumil Kubišta (1910). Kubín's treatment of the subject is typical for his work. His figures and the subjects of his portraits are always alone in the space, in uncomplicated positions, lacking effusive expressions. The essence seems to emanate from inside the model. Kubín always chose to paint portraits of people who had been "marked" by life, intrinsically rich or tried by fate. The painting itself is not dated, but based on formal and comparative analyses there is no doubt it dates to the period around 1907, which is when Kubín visited France and was profoundly affected by the work of Paul Cézanne and Vincent van Gogh. The emphasis with which he placed sunflowers in the background indicated that the paining may have been made in front of his "Bouda" studio, which the young Kubín built in his parents' garden in Boskovice. In her expert opinion, certified expert Zora Grohmanová mentions a little-known catalogue from an exhibition of Kubín's art from 1905-1907 held in Boskovice; this painting is shown listed under number 25 (which is also written on the back of the painting on auction) and is titled "Zamyšlený muž" (Pensive Man). Provenance: The painting comes from the family of Prague developer Antonín Dvořák, who was involved in building the Vinohrady Market Hall and and developing Vinohrady. Oil on cardboard, "Kubín" inscribed on back with a sketch of a tree. Expert assessment: Professor Tomáš Vlček, certified expert assessment including a chemical analysis by Zora Grohmanová, MFA, color analysis by Michal Pech.