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Václav Radimský (1867 - 1946) WINTER LANDSCAPE IN BROLLES

46 x 55 cm (h x w)

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The painting on offer here is from Radimský's early period, when he first came into personal contact with artists of the Barbizon school. The selection of the motif is typical: the melancholic mood and somewhat gloomy light of a late winter landscape, rendered in realistic detail. The painting Study of Winter in Brolles, which is signed and dated 1891, remained in a private collection. The study is published in Naděžda Blažíčková-Horová: Václav Radimský 1867-1946, Prague, Arbor vitae, 2011, p. 210, cat. no. 17. The painting style and the above study leave no doubt that the Winter Landscape presented here also dates from 1891. According to the expert opinion prepared by PhDr. Blažíčková-Horová, the painting bears "all the attributes of the Czech painting tradition spread by Antonín Chittussi, who became acquainted with the work of the Barbizon school painters one generation earlier and tried to capture the luminous atmosphere of a specific moment in nature. Radimský built on Chittussi's effort and gradually expanded it." Oil on canvas, signed "Radimský Brolles" on bottom right.